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Core to how The Distiller operates are The Startup Sprints, which is an evolving framework modelled on successful startup and software development methodologies.

Sprints are held every two weeks in which all startups get together to share challenges, report on progress, and outline their next goals. This keeps everyone accountable for each other’s success, and encourages collaboration amongst the group.

The Sprints are applied as a part of The Distiller's free incubator model, in which peer governance and collaboration are the tenets of business development.

Startups at The Distiller get access to the Labs, which are collaborative spaces in Dunedin and Auckland. Labs are open 24/7 which gives everyone flexibility.

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The Distiller aims to create a vibrant entrepreneurial environment in New Zealand. Our community includes individuals and businesses who interact with The Distiller via meetups, casual meetings, etc.

The purpose of our network is to:

The Distiller provides national "hotdesk" opportunities for members of our network. Our open door policy allow students, individuals, businesses, and other interested parties to to intermingle with entrepreneurs, and tap resources of our community.