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URL http://wherewolf.co.nz
Date Started February 2012

Team members

  • Ben Calder
  • Wulf Sölter

Wherewolf was founded in early 2013, to realise the commercial potential of an innovative guest signup process created initially for Big Night Out pub crawl in Feb 2012. The fun, quick, user friendly systems have lead to a world leading social media "follows/likes per customer" conversion rate, orders of magnitude greater than even the most iconic brands can hope to attain.

Wherewolf provides a range of off-the-shelf white labeled and customised mobile app and Software-as-a-Service solutions to streamline the tourism/services industry, increase timely marketing effectiveness.

The Wherewolf suite handles the complete end-to-end, from guest and customer signup solutions through to staff management and integration with real time booking engines and accounting software.

The founders Wulf Sölter and Ben Calder have both lived and breathed the tourism and service sector in Queenstown for a combined 20 years, and are well versed in the needs, problems and solutions of these vibrant growth industries.