Pitch Perfect Videos

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URL http://www.pitchperfectvideos.com
Date Started 2012

Team members

  • Naomi Kuttner
  • Hellen Robinson

Pitch Perfect Videos provides online videos and marketing strategies aimed at businesses who are selling information products, tech products and online services, and who want to grow their business online.

Pitch Perfect Videos is establishing itself in a rapidly expanding market, as video has become a key feature for online marketing strategies.

We make hand crafted online videos and banners which are leased to clients on 12 month licensing agreements. The video service includes: 2D animation videos and banners; screen casts; and live video.

We're a two woman team. Hellen Robinson is an experienced media producer, with 8 years experience in Film and TV production. Naomi Kuttner is an experienced online marketer and animator to boot. Pitch Perfect Videos was born out of a series of travel videos filmed in Indonesia in 2012, and has continued to gather momentum ever since.